Most of the people that mentioned that method


First off, everyone had some great suggestions as to wh […]

First off, everyone had some great suggestions as to why we use bath mats at all. They soak up water, yes, but they also keep us from slipping and smashing our heads through the toilet, and act as a temperature buffer for our toesies between the hot shower and the ice cold floor. Gee, bath mats are pretty swell!It leaves the bath mat soggy and wet for whoever showers after you.

It also makes you much colder during the drying process. In fact, most of the people that mentioned that method were complaining about it.There are exceptions to this, however. Sometimes you just don’t have the room to dry before stepping out onto the mat But you all suggested a few excellent additions, like keeping your towel within arm’s reach of the shower so you don’t have to get cold to grab it.

squeegeeing your hair and body to remove excess water before you dry with a towel, keeping the curtain or shower door closed while you dry off to stay warm, drying off from the top down (hair first), and hanging up the mat over the edge of the tub or shower when you’re done so it can drywithout looking like a random wet towel on your floor.

Now, if you have a towel-type bath mat, hang it over the side of the tub or shower to dry, then lay down a second dry bath mat if someone is going right after you. If you have the shaggy rug kind, leave it and hope you did everything right so it’s not soaking wet. There you have it! You’re ready for a proper shower now.

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