• What kinds of outdoor kettles and water purification tools are there?


    We all know the importance of water for people's survival: you can survive for 3 weeks without food, but you can only survive for 3 days without water. Therefore, for the travellers, outdoor water holding appliances and water purification equipment are also very important. Today, let's talk about this topic. container: Ordinary kettle Plastic sports water bottles, thermos cups, water bottles for running pockets and even bottled water bought in supermarkets are all commonly used water containers for outdoor sports...

  • Every family has indicators for drinking water, and every family loves to use filter elements. Which is the most suitable?


    Hi everyone, since the appearance of household water purifiers, many families no longer order purified water in barrels. Household water purifiers are easy to use and the cost of drinking water will be lower. It is very worthy of family choice. You can take a glass if you want to drink water. Speaking of the filter element, we must consider this filter element problem, because the filter element is a very necessary part for the water purifier, and it is...

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