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Standing at your door will make anyone feel welcome and […]

Standing at your door will make anyone feel welcome and special when they see a southwest welcome mat or door mat. Just seeing that colorful and traditional design will let the visitor know that here is a place where they will find friends and good company. It will call to mind the simpler times of our history, when visiting was just a part of being good neighbors. Time has moved on, but a southwest door mat will remind your friends and neighbors that the welcoming spirit of the southwest dwells in your heart and home. Many people are very much attracted to the robust cowboy era which still lives on in many of the designs offered.

When your visitors see a cowboy on a bucking bronco at their feet, the feeling of bunkhouses, corals, and rodeos is summoned up immediately. You will find that several different styles are available, many conveying the true feeling of the southwest with horses poctured. Running horses or horse heads in the bold, bright colors you expect can be found. Bringing you right back to the bunkhouse or coral, these rodeo and cowboy design mats are both lively and colorful. You'll just about be able to hear the noise of the excited crowd and the neighing of the impatient horses. Allow these colorful, durable, and beautifully designed southwest door mats to lead the way into your home. When you decide to buy a southwest style door mat or welcome mat, you will find that these are sturdy, made to last mats, that will stand up to a lot of abuse and still look great.

Made of heavy coir fiber (coir is the tough fiber from the outside of the coconut, and is difficult to wear out when used in mats and rugs, besides being unaffected by salt water), which guarantees that you will not have to worry about replacing your door mat very often. These mats are wonderfully abrasive with strength to clean muddy shoes and boots, and also may be cleaned with the garden hose. To help keep them where they are intended, a rubber bottom is usually found on southwest door mats. You may have a hard time making a decision because there are many southwest design from which to choose. You will probably find just the right design, by choosing what really catches your eye from the start.

The natural and original look of the welcome mats with a Native American design are sought by many. These mats will feature such elements as the Kokopelli or a roadrunner on a geometric background, helping to recall a time before the settlers arrived. Also available are Lizard, Sun Face, and the geometric designs so beloved from Navajo rugs and blankets. Whatever Native American design you choose for your welcome mat, you can be assured that its bright colors will always get attention and admiration. 

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