Talent is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of an enterprise. Hongyuan Company adheres to the concept of “respect for talent, achieve talent, grow together, and develop and win-win” to create a platform for employees to realize their own value in their work, and display their initiative, creativity and Enthusiasm, unite with the company, work together, grow together, achieve each other, and create good results together!

(1) The concept of selection: morality first, skills as the foundation, learning ability as the supplement, cultural identity as the foundation
1. Morality is the prerequisite for selection.
2. Professional skills and knowledge are the basis for selection.
3. Learning ability is a necessary requirement for selection.
4. Employees should agree with the factory's corporate culture and values.
(2) The concept of employing people: the ability to know the talents, the long-term use of talents, the use of talents, the compound development
1. Leaders must know, use and love talents.
2. Management cadres must do: discover talents with a bright eye, value talents in thought, gather talents emotionally, care about talents in work, consider talents in life, and tolerate talents in mentality.
3. Adhere to the principle of internal selection of management personnel as the main focus and recruitment as a supplement.
4. Establish a moderate talent competition environment within the enterprise.
5. The development of talents is eclectic, focusing on training and developing compound talents.

Due to the company's development needs, the following talents are now recruited:

Position 1: Workshop Director/Production Director

Work content: 1. Fully preside over the daily management of the production workshop;

2. Responsible for the management performance of the workshop, to ensure the quality of the products produced and the punctual delivery of orders;

3. Improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production costs, strengthen on-site management, etc., to fully complete the goals issued by the production department;

4. And complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements: 1. There is no restriction on men and women, and have been engaged in production and manufacturing management for more than five years;

2. Bachelor degree or above, good health;

3. Strong hands-on ability, sense of responsibility, and certain ability to withstand pressure.

Position 2: Marketing Specialist

Work content: 1. Collect and organize market information, participate in and formulate annual marketing plans and goals;

2. Develop market research plans, organize and plan market research projects;

Collect all kinds of market intelligence and related industry policies and information,
3. Visit customers regularly, expand sales channels, and reach signing orders;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements: 1. Men and women are not limited, have a certain understanding of high-end civilian products, or have department store sales experience;

2. Bachelor degree or above, good health, hard-working;

3. Flexible, responsible, and able to withstand pressure.

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