Established on April 23, 2004, Zhoushan Hongyuan Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. focus on the research of polymer microporous precision filtration technology and specializes in producing outdoor water purifiers, refrigerator filters and essential oil fragrances. The company integrates scientific research, production and trade, especially in technological innovation research with profound deposits and rich experience. Currently, the registered trademarks include: cooling equipment device, refrigerator deodorizer, air deodorizing device, air purification device, humidifying air device, soap, cleaning Preparations, detergents, essential oils, cosmetics, air fragrances, etc.. We have obtained the patent of the microporous plastic filter element and its preparation method have been patented, and others are patent pending.

At present, Hongyuan Company has five main products including outdoor water purifier, essential oil shower, high-energy negative ion water replenishment instrument, refrigerator filter element and fragrance series. There are many products under development and testing. More new products will be developed, produced and put into the market in the future.

We will give full play to our own advantages, adhering to the tenet of "leading science and technology, serving the market, cultivating the health industry, and benefiting all mankind" and the corporate mission of " promote civil industry environmental protection as its own responsibility and lead a healthy and quality new life". We continue to carry out innovation of technology,  equipment , service and management method to develop and produce more safe, healthy, green, and environmentally friendly civilian products to promote the vigorous development of the health industry.





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